Unity 2D Challenge with succulent prizes!

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Unity 2D Challenge with succulent prizes! Empty Unity 2D Challenge with succulent prizes!

Post by Juanjo_LS on 27th October 2018, 09:22

Hi there!

I just wanted to share with you this news, especially for lovers of 2D and illustration (Simon, David...):

How to participate
Create a small piece of content using Unity’s 2D tools. It can be anything from pixel-perfect retro-style art to a snippet of hand-drawn platforming gameplay or a thin vertical slice of a 2D competitive brawler. Anything goes, as long as it’s 2D.

The prizes
1st - $2000
2nd - $1000
3rd - $500
Special Mention - $500

The contest runs from October 23 to December 17, you have more information on this page:

As you know 2D is not my style but it's always interesting to see the work of artists in this field.

Someone interested? Wink
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