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Post by Simon_Icehouse on 1st March 2019, 18:01

I will update this topic from time to time depending on the needs.

Changes March 01 2019

Quick notes regarding some updates on the forums:

- if it works as expected, when we tag someone with @ in a message, this person sould be notified

- the first message of a thread should now appear on the next pages. It seemed convenient to me: if we update the first message properly, we can use it as a summary of the discussions and allow to always have access to the important information

- since a few days there is a google translation bar at the top. Have any of you used it? This is a first idea to help with language issues.

- images should now be automatically resized to 720x405 max (so if they are larger they will be adapted to the forums size, and the original ratio should be kept)
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