Tacoma free on Humble until March 24th

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Tacoma free on Humble until March 24th Empty Tacoma free on Humble until March 24th

Post by Simon_Icehouse on 22nd March 2019, 19:09

Seems like Humble is doing like Epic!


I don't know if this game is interesting? Looks like it is good scifi.
A review on PC Gamer gives 84/100

With this offer there is a FAQ and we learn that Humble pays the developers to offer this free game. Sounds good.

Humnle wrote:Some companies spend money on Super Bowl ads or billboards. We'd rather spend it supporting game developers and getting you an awesome game for free.

Humble wrote: What about the developers? Are they getting paid? Of course! We work closely with developers to bring you free games. They 100% approve, and are happy for you to play their game!
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Tacoma free on Humble until March 24th Empty Re: Tacoma free on Humble until March 24th

Post by Juanjo_LS on 22nd March 2019, 19:41

Great, I was already subscribed to the newsletter so I already have it in my library ready to download Very Happy

Thanks Simon for sharing!!
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