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Post by Admin 5th April 2017, 13:49

The Icehouse collective aims to support independent creators by helping each other with ideas, marketing and PR. By trying to give exposure on social networks to talented people who are not famous yet. The collective is not a publisher and doesn't have a bank account. As a result, we cannot fund our Members and Friends, who can only rely on their own means.

We are now several Members and Friends of the collective to try Patreon as a way to fund our daily work. Others around here are interested by this method, so I think it's time to start a list before it becomes confused for our followers.

By alphabetical order (with no distinction between Members and Friends):

(the list will be updated when needed)

We know that it is not possible to support everyone, so we totally understand if you don't want to support us while there are so many other greatest creators in the world. At least please consider supporting one of us from this list, depending on your tastes, and if you have some money to spend of course. Don't be discouraged only by the necessity to create an account on a website that you have never used before!
Even $1 can make a difference. Even just spreading the word without giving money is a great help.

Thanks from everyone!

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