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Catyph: resolution (game opens in small window)

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Catyph: resolution (game opens in small window) Empty Catyph: resolution (game opens in small window)

Post by Simon_Icehouse 1st February 2018, 10:02

(this is a copy of a thread from the Steam forums)

is it possible to change the resolution? or at least play in full screen? opens in a small window. Sad

Hello everyone,

Catyph contains only a single resolution and normally plays in 1080p with cinematic ratio (1920x1080 with top/bottom black bars). Thus the game should automatically match your desktop resolution and scale to your screen in fullscreen (it is stretched to your monitor). This setting has been defined in the default options of the game engine, so it should work in fullscreen for everyone without having to do anything.

Unfortunately I'm sorry that you are experiencing this kind of issue. I only have a few ideas to solve the problem, as I have not received enough information from enough people. As a result I can only try to guess what's wrong, and here are some ideas:

1. If you have several monitors, try to change the display options in windows to make sure that Catyph runs on your main monitor, and that it will adapt to your resolution. I have no proof, but I guess there can be an issue if the resolutions are different on your two screens.

2. Check the settings in the file config.ini in the game folder, in the Steam folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Catyph). Make sure that the line Fullscreen is set to yes. Check also the other options just in case.

3. If a Windows app doesn't play in fullscreen, you can try to force it by pressing Alt+Enter at the same time. Most programs will then play in fullscreen.

I hope you will be able to solve your problem. If you continue to experience issues with the game, it is probably better to try to contact me directly by email where I can provide a more personal support (by linking through or you can simply create a thread on the Icehouse forums in the Technical Support category:

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