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Catyph: technical issues (mouse sensitivity, Windows 10 compatibility)

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Catyph: technical issues (mouse sensitivity, Windows 10 compatibility) Empty Catyph: technical issues (mouse sensitivity, Windows 10 compatibility)

Post by Simon_Icehouse 1st February 2018, 10:07

(this is a copy of a thread from the Steam forums)

So, after the game did not run on Win 10, i installed it on my other NB which has Windows 7. This time, resolution is fine and the game runs in full screen.
But now the mouse sensitivity is simply terrible. Its so bad that the game is unplayable.
Its impossible to point the hand/cursor to an exact position. First of, the hand starts moving just a few seconds after you have moved the mouse and the distance the hand travels in relation to the mouse movement is not forseeable. So navigation and clicking on things is terrible.

I feel i have wasted my money for this game. And before you say something like 'It mus be your system'. Both windows on my two NB (Win 10 and 7) have been quite fresh installed and run perfectly fine. They are clean systems with just some standard basic programs installed (Firefox etc.). Mouse works perfectly in both Windows. I even tried another mouse. Ok, i admit having Wind 10 on a MacBook is a special configuration and i understand the issues to a certain degree. I dont expect an independent developer to test such a specific hardware/OS- setup. But the other NB is a good standard ThinkPad Notebook with Windows 7 and there is no execuse for such a ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ mouse behaviour.

It is totally beyond me how an independend devopler can be so creative and brilliant that he is able to develop such big projects like ASA, Cataphy and obvioulsy not be able to realize that technical things like these ruin everything. The developer seemingly did learn NOTHING from ASA it seems (game was good, navigation very bad, but now its even WORSE)

Sorry for the rambling, but i am frustrated. I lost a lot of hours for this♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Having all said this, any ideas how to fix the mouse issue?


I'm sorry that you find the navigation worst in Catyph than in ASA and I deeply apologize to you and to everyone who thinks so. It is not that I learned nothing from ASA, on the contrary, but it would seem that the changes I brought were not the good decision for many people, and I didn't see it coming. I did work a lot on improving the gameplay, and made changes even if you don't notice them. So I would more say that I didn't understand the problem properly, as I thought that adding video transitions and hotspots icons (among other features) would help the player to be less confused in the world, and that it was what was missing in ASA.
Including these features in Catyph really took me a lot of time and efforts during the development (mainly to render all the video transitions and include them scene by scene), I really cared about creating a good game, and I feel really ashamed and disapointed that you and other people didn't like the result. I was worried a lot about gameplay/navigation, so I took my time at the beginning of the project to release a short playable prototype. I studied the reactions of people who played to this early demo, then the feedbacks during the beta test, but nothing helped me truly realize if I was not taking the good decisions at that time.

Another issue that have occured is that the development of Catyph began before the release of the remastered edition of ASA on Steam: as a result a lot of feedbacks written about ASA Remastered were published late during the development of Catyph, and I didn't have the chance to discover them in time. Instructive feedback still continues to be published about ASA Remastered, even now that Catyph has been released almost two years ago, and I continue to learn from my mistakes all the time.

Please also keep in mind that Catyph was only my second game. Despite the strong experience that I had from making ASA and other projects, and despite my efforts and passion, it is very difficult for a small indie dev to release something that will make the unanimity without having much more experience. That's why I have reduced the price of Catyph several times, in order to reflect the feelings of everyone and to try to make it more affordable and more fair compared to what I read in the Steam reviews. Nevertheless I won't totally forget all the energy that I have put in the development during 2 years, and more importantly, I still consider that the game has some very good ideas (puzzles and world) that make it unique and interesting. I agree that the game is far from perfect and I have made several mistakes, but it was thought cautiously and with love, to bring a new experience of exploration and adventure. I have also received many positive reviews from trusted people, ASA fans and adventure gamers, who enjoyed the game. So it's also a matter of tastes. Some of these people agreed that the gameplay was confusing, but considered that Catyph was worth the play.

Regarding the Windows 10 and mouse issues:

The controversial gameplay put aside, the game is playing fine on Windows 10 for me, for my friends and for the testers. It would seem to run well too for a vast majority of people who play it on Windows 10. I have not read a lot of messages saying that it doesn't work (and if I remember well, noone contacted me in private about this). The game engine Visionaire Studio is supporting Windows 10 officially, so everything should just be fine normally.
Catyph is not compatible with Mac however, and I don't know if an emulator can work. This I cannot confirm and it is not sold as a Mac game, so there can be all kinds of issues related to this, as much as it can happen with other games (even if the other Windows games that you tested worked properly on your Mac, Catyph doesn't use the most common 3d engines that are Unity or Unreal, so there can be no guarantee). The game engine was certainly not developed with that purpose in mind, but we can of course try to ask to the dev team of Visionaire Studio if they have some ideas about it.

The issue with the mouse sensitivity shouldn't happen either. If you've been able to play ASA properly, I see no reason for Catyph to have these issues... Sad

I can understand if you are frustrated and disapointed and I am very sorry for not being able to help.
I can however offer you a new Steam key of the game (ASA Remastered or Catyph, as you prefer) if you are willing to make some more tests on another computer (Windows/PC) (Note also that you can simply copy the game in your Steam folder, paste it on a USB device and thus play it on another PC: the game is not DRM protected and will run immediately). You can also try to ask a refund on Steam if it is still possible.

Anyway feel free to get in touch directly with me by email if you feel the need, by linking through the Black Cube site (, if you want to explain the problem furthermore, and eventually share screenshots or video captures of your issue. I'll be reading all messages carefully and will help where I can.

Thank you,
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