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Sale Ubisoft on Steam

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Sale Ubisoft on Steam Empty Sale Ubisoft on Steam

Post by Juanjo_LS 22nd March 2019, 19:48

Hi there!

Until March 25 all Ubisoft games are on sale, up to 90%!

I bought Transference, a game that interested me for a very long time.

I do not know if I can play it, but the price it has is irresistible!
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Sale Ubisoft on Steam Empty Re: Sale Ubisoft on Steam

Post by Simon_Icehouse 23rd March 2019, 09:21

Interesting! Thanks Juanjito  clown

- All Assassin's Creed games can be interesting. Hours and hours of gameplay... 10 years ago I would have taken this opportunity Very Happy

- Trackmania is very fun, I recommend if you never played it, and if you like arcade/car games (we used to play the old version a lot in multiplayer at school! 15 years ago lol. But the new version is great too)

- Trials is good too (I played the demo).

- Watch Dogs, at only 2.99€ is certainly worth the try!

- Heroes of Might and Magic is really something (if you like fantasy and strategy RPG)

- Globally the Prince of Persia franchise is exciting (depends on the episodes, try to learn more and read some reviews)

- I heard that the Star Trek game is very immersive and really cool in multiplayer, but requires a VR headset (if you own one, give it a try?)

That's what I would choose if I had time and money  Twisted Evil
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