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Scream Empire Jam 2019

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Scream Empire Jam 2019 Empty Scream Empire Jam 2019

Post by Juanjo_LS 15th July 2019, 22:15

Well, it's inevitable... jam + horror + Juanjo = ...

Scream Empire is a jam focused on horror games - all things spooky, surreal or just plain weird. Feel free to make a general horror game or one based the optional theme for the jam.

The optional theme is: EMPIRE

The jam goes from 10AM AEST July 2019 to 10AM AEST July 29, with the voting period ending on 10AM AEST August 8.

More info:

A perfect jam to relax with this hot summer... I still don't know if I can participate, but I'm trying to organize my calendar to join.
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