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Frictional Fan Jam 2019

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Frictional Fan Jam 2019 Empty Frictional Fan Jam 2019

Post by Juanjo_LS 7th September 2019, 08:25

Hi there!

I've discovered this great opportunity for fans (like me) of Frictional Games:


The goal is to create a new fan work related to one of Frictional’s games: SOMA, Amnesia games and the Penumbra series, or older titles such as Unbirth. You are free to create any transformative work: a mod, fanart and fanfiction, cosplay, or something different like a video or a plushie. The project should be at least loosely related to the given theme.

The event kicks off on Friday the 6th of September. The deadline for submissions is 23:59 UTC on Sunday the 22nd of September. The jury will be going through submissions starting Monday the 23rd. So there is enough time to do something interesting... don't you think?

As you can read, you can create any type of creative work (not just games) as long as the rules are followed. For more details read this:

I'd like to create something, although I don't know if I can... I'll try anyway, and you?
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