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Scream Zone Jam 9

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Scream Zone Jam 9 Empty Scream Zone Jam 9

Post by Juanjo_LS 22nd June 2020, 09:41

Hi there!

I haven't written around here in a while...  Embarassed

I just wanted to tell you that a new game jam is about to start and if everything goes well I will participate... how could it be otherwise, hahaha.

It's about Scream Zone Jam 9, a horror game jam in which I have participated on other occasions and that has hooked me.

It starts this Friday (June 26) and ends on July 6, yep, it lasts 10 days... interesting, hehehe.

And the optional theme is... PROFIT! A fairly open theme...

You have more information on the official page:

I will try to create a special thread here in the forum to share the progress, I will also do it on Discord, so stay tuned!

See you!
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