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How can I share pictures on the forums?

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How can I share pictures on the forums? Empty How can I share pictures on the forums?

Post by Admin 3rd March 2016, 10:54

We are currently using a free forum service named ForumActif, and as a result we don't have disk space available to post pictures directly on the forums.

However it is still possible to include any picture of your choice in your messages as long as it is hosted on another website.

1st case: the picture is already on another website

In this case it's very easy to insert it in your message on the forums.

You simply need to know the URL of the picture (usually obtained in your web browser with a right click on the picture, by clicking on "copy image location" in Firefox for example). It is a standard URL like this one:

You can display this picture inside your messages on the forums. This is how to proceed:

Copy the URL of the picture. Then,

Option1: Use the toolbar at the top of the text editor of the forums:

Simply use the text edition toolbar and click on the small icon "add a picture" where you can paste the URL and validate your entry.

How can I share pictures on the forums? Forum_toolbar_insert_pic

Option2: if you prefer the manual method (or cannot use the toolbar for some reason):

Paste the URL of the picture where you want it in your message.

In order to display it when you validate your post, you must add:
- just before your link where the picture is located:
- and then just after your link, add:
Send your message with the above two 'img' tags before and after the url, and the picture should be displayed!

Which gives in our example from above:

As a result, the picture is displayed on the forums like this:

How can I share pictures on the forums? 561581

2nd case: the picture is on your hard drive

What happens if you want to share your own picture from your hard drive? (which infers that the picture is not on internet)

You first need to upload it somewhere on the net. It can be on any site of your choice (picasa, flicker, facebook, etc), and if you have your own server then you can of course use it.

However I would recommand this very convenient tool, which allows you to upload easily any picture of your choice directly, without any registration of any kind:

Then just copy/paste the URL of the uploaded picture in your message, and use the method explained above with the img and /img balises!

For example:

How can I share pictures on the forums? Logo

So now everyone can post pictures on the forums king

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